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Herro kitties! I just made a fb page for you guys to follow. Obv it won’t be hentai like this one. :( But I will post ecchi that I like. I will also be using it as a blig of sorts. Just posting about games and anime and whatever else I like. :)


Like if you want


I’m off from work today and playing ALL OF THE EVERYTHING!!! Do any of you guys have xbl or psn? If so then aaaaaadddddd meeeeeeeeeee

Xbl - a mere kitten Psn - amerekitten

Alright kittens. I work from 3-11 throughout the week. So a lot of my blogging will be through my phone. But within the next few days I will probably update my profile a little in the morning hours :) I will post as much content while at work as I can. Let’s get started!!! 
Almost a year …

Ok so here’s the deal. Last December (2012) I went through a breakup. We were together for 5 years. I was depressed. I stopped doing everything. Seriously. But I’m back. I want to start up the hentai again. And throw in some anime and gaming stuff. And just my regular life. All in one. Who’s still with me? I miss you guys. So my main question is ….

Does anyone still want some peeking at pantsu?

kawaiifuckery: oh my goodness i've miss you!! (>;___;)> come 'ere!! 

I said:

:):) I’ve missed you toooo!

I’m alive you guys! Here’s the deal … I want to start my blog back up again, I miss blogging. But I kind of want to have a video game / nerd blog. Because that’s just who I am. But I’m lazy … And I mainly do everything from my phone. So I don’t want to take the time to make a new blog with a new layout and blah blah blah. So I’m torn. Idkwhattodohalp! Btw I took this picture just for you guys. That’s right. Feel the lovins
Thinking of coming back :)

Would anyone care. Does anyone remember me? DO YOU GUYS STILL LOVE ME??

Here’s a little something for us ladies <3
GANTZ - Episode 08